If you’ve ever had your carpets done by carpet cleaners, you would notice that they have more than just a vacuum cleaner and a couple of brushes. They use certain types of equipment to carry out carpet cleaning. The equipment and techniques they use range from basic to specialized, depending on the requirements at hand. While you might often see the use of vacuums, there’s actually a lot that goes through the process of cleaning carpets. Stains that have been left to sit for days or longer will require more than just a few dabs of cleaning agents. The use of specialized equipment will be necessary.

Methods used by carpet cleaning experts

Hot water extraction – you’ve probably seen it on TV commercials and used by actual carpet cleaners. This type of cleaning is also referred to as steam carpet cleaning. It involves the use of pressurized hot air to dissolve the dirt trapped within the fibers. Cleaning agents are normally involved. The surface of the carpet is brushed to agitate the fibers and let the cleaning agent soak in. Afterward, the carpet will be vacuumed and the excess moisture is also removed. Normally, carpets would take around 4 hours to dry. That’s why cleaners opt to do the cleaning later in the day to have the carpets dry overnight.

Carpet shampooing – this is a rather old technique that was used more than 3 decades ago. There’s one major disadvantage to this cleaning method and that’s excess moisture and residue. Although heavily soiled carpets could be cleaned well using this method, the drying process becomes a problem. Due to the excess moisture left by the cleaning process, drying time takes a very long time.

Encapsulation – this method has replaced shampooing since it uses less water and dries faster. Encapsulation uses synthetic detergents which crystallizes as it dries. During the process, the dirt is trapped along with the cleaning agent which is then later scrubbed or vacuumed. It also uses fewer chemicals for the cleaning process. However, this method of carpet cleaning has limitations and does not clean thicker carpets very well.

Bonnet cleaning – this type of carpet cleaning produces a streamlined carpet surface. This method uses a motorized machine that utilizes a spinning pad that cleans the carpet. This is a cleaning method most used in hotels and other high traffic environments where carpets are used. Bonnet cleaning, however, does not clean too deeply. On the other hand, it is able to finish the job faster than other methods, covering more space in a day. It is often used by cleaners that offer commercial carpet cleaning services.

Dry carpet cleaning – as the name suggests, dry carpet cleaning uses dry compounds to clean carpets. With the absence of water, it is highly preferred by carpet cleaning companies. Experts like MBHS Carpet Cleaning are quite familiar with the use of this method. The dry compounds go deep in the carpet, taking out stubborn dirt. This method is highly advised for thicker carpets.

Despite just how mindful you are – carpets will certainly get unclean at some point. Call MBHS Carpet Cleaning today to get your carpet looking and smelling good as new.

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