Carpeting Cleaning Myrte BeachWhile we tend to ignore unclean carpets, it is hard to overlook a moldy carpet. The unsightly carpet is only half the story, unclean carpets pose a safety threat for you and everyone in your home. Ignoring the carpet cleaning process even spreads the damage to your carpet and ends up being irreplaceable in the long run.

On the other hand, removing odor from a moldy carpet, especially after a flood, is an easy task.

Steps in Removing Odor From Moldy Carpets

Below are some pointers on the best ways to get rid of moldy smells from the carpet.

  1. Make sure the area is dry enough

Moldy or earthy smells are the outcome of excess wetness. If there is remaining water damage in the area, dry as much as possible and call a professional carpet cleaning company. However, remember they might notify you that the carpet will have to be changed if the carpet was greatly flooded.

  1. Vacuum the carpet

Once the carpet is totally dry, get rid of the remaining particles by vacuuming the carpet.

  1. Apply vinegarwater mix or baking soda to the carpet

There are several items in your kitchen that you can use to remove the odor from your carpet. These are vinegar, water, and baking soda.

To get rid of mildew and moldy smells, use a mix of vinegar (great for removing smells) and water to the affected part of the carpet. Depending upon the amount of mildew on the carpet, mix one cup of white vinegar for every 2 cups of water. Add the mix to a spray bottle and spritz the carpet, producing a light, misty layer. Just remember not to overdo it.

Among the many remarkable functions of baking soda is that it is the best smell neutralizer. You can likewise rely on that it will not harm the carpet or trigger damage to your family pets.

  1. Be patient

Allow the sodium bicarbonate to combine with the vinegar and water mix for a minimum of a couple of hours; the longer you wait, the better. It is advised to let it sit overnight.

  1. Utilizing hydrogen peroxide as an option

If mildew and the moldy odor remain on your carpet, a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide will do the job. For each part of hydrogen peroxide utilized, use 5 parts of water. This is likewise an excellent solution to get rid of the mold spores and remove the moldy smell.

  1. Utilizing foam carpet shampoo as an option

The cool aspect of eliminating mold, mildew, and moldy smells is that there are numerous options that can be used. If both the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide cannot get the job done, carpet cleaners suggest on getting a bottle of foam carpet shampoo from the shop.

Use a great quantity of the carpet shampoo to the affected area, rubbing it in with a sponge. Then let it soak for a minimum of 20 minutes– make sure it is dry. Later on, vacuum the shampoo and the remaining particles.

When all else fails, call the carpet cleaning experts to eliminate the moldy odor and mildew from your carpet. There are some cases that ordinary household items can do the job and there are those in need of professional care.

If you feel that you have exhausted all efforts, or simply do not wish to handle it, you can get in touch with the mold removal experts at MBHS Carpet Cleaning.


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