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Today tile is an extremely popular option for flooring in Myrtle Beach.  Tile floors are durable, last a long time and cutBest Carpet Cleaning Myrtle Beach Tile cleaning down on dust and other irritants that can accumulate in carpet.  On Myrtle Beach Home Services we have a great service provider for selecting and installing your tile floors.  However, over time there will be a build up in the grout and your tile flooring can lose its sheen.

Tile grout is the mortar that you find between the individual tiles. There are a couple of reasons grout may become stained over time.  One is the grout was not properly seal when it was first installed.  Also, normal foot traffic will wear the grout sealant over time causing the seal to become compromised and susceptible to stain.

Routine Maintenance of Tile and Grout

By cleaning your tile on a regular basis you will ensure that the tile floor lasts longer and looks great.  You will want to mop or sweep your tile floors on a weekly basis.  This will keep the stains, grime and dirt from building up in the grout around the tiles. A regular cleaning will help to cut back on mold and mildew that can accumulate on the tile floor. Always read the labels of your cleaning products to ensure they are not harmful to a tile floor.

Hiring a Professional

Even with regular weekly cleaning, you will want to bring in a floor cleaning professional to deep clean the tile and grout and to add a new sealant to the tile.  This will help eliminate the possibility of mold and keep your tile floor looking new.

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