carpet cleaningEven though your carpeting does not need regular cleaning compared to other types of flooring, it needs professional cleaning at least once a year. Expert carpet cleaning can help extend the life of your carpet and promote better air quality.

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Your carpet needs to be cleaned professionally. However, a lot of homeowners alternate between professional cleaning and DIY cleaning to save money. Although the DIY method is considered to be the most cost effective option, it can never be compared to the efficiency of professional cleaning, not to mention it requires a lot of time and hard work. Depending on the approach used, it’s likewise easy for a beginner to damage the carpet. The three most common ways DIYers damage carpets include:

Overshampooing – a lot of homeowners use too much shampoo or the carpet is not rinsed properly. These are common among wet DIY methods. They are also the primary reasons why hardcore DIYers need to hire an expert because if not, the accumulation of soapy residue can be very hard to remove, which will leave the carpet that attracts dirt.

Overwetting – this happens when the bottom of the carpet is soaked up with too much water. Some carpets lose their color once they become too wet while others shrink. Once the pad and the backing becomes wet, you will find it difficult to dry, which increases your risk of running into other problems like mold and mildew growth.

Staining – if you fail to protect your wet carpet and it comes into contact with furniture, then you will have a problem with stains. A lot of wood furniture release dyes, which results to staining. Additionally, if you have furniture with feet that are made of metal, it will rust when it comes in contact with a wet carpet. DIYers may come across these issues if they do not remove all the furniture from the room when they are cleaning.

You can avoid all these if you hire a professional Myrtle Beach carpet cleaning company. These experts use different carpet cleaning methods. One of the most common one is dry extraction. Technically speaking, it is not actually a dry procedure but a moisture controlled method. A regulated amount of moisture is applied to the carpet while still leaving it dry. It is similar to the dry method used by DIYers but the main difference is that the equipment used is larger and more thorough.

There are carpet cleaning companies that use carbonated cleaning solution into your carpet. This process allows the cleaning solution to reach the carpet fibers without having to totally wet the carpet. The cleaning solution does not have detergents or oil, which leaves a residue that attracts residue.

Professional carpet cleaners also use equipment and cleaning solutions that are more sophisticated and powerful. Since they are trained at this kind of work, they can use the extra power properly and without the risk of damaging the carpet.

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