carpet cleaning Myrtle BeachNo matter how tidy you think you keep your Myrtle Beach home, eventually you will need a carpet cleaning service. If you have various types of carpets in your house like wall-to-wall or rug, deep cleaning every 12 to 18 months is a smart idea. But if you’re the traditional type who thinks daily vacuuming, DIY solutions, and store-bought cleaners is enough, you should think twice. Your best choice for stain removal and airborne pollutant elimination is to work with an expert. There are some people who disregard professional cleaners for fear that it might ruin their precious carpet or they may be charged a lot. Below are several myths that we busted to ensure you make the most out of cleaning your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Myths

Myth #1 My trusted DIY Carpet Cleaning Solution is enough.

You’ve probably heard stories about how your mom solved her carpet cleaning dilemma using simple DIY cleaning solutions. Sure, it would have worked then, but what about now? Various food and drink cause unsightly stains and it’s only a matter of time when you’re trusted baking soda and vinegar solution won’t get rid of that stain. It’s time to call your Myrtle Beach Carpet Cleaning professionals.

 Myth # 2 Store-bought stain removers and carpet cleaners do a good job as professional cleaners

Store-bought carpet cleaners can remove surface stains but they do not have enough suction that your local professional cleaners have. So why not let them handle the job they do best.

Myth # 3 Daily vacuuming can keep it clean.

Using your vacuum cleaner is fine because it removes surface dirt and dust. But how do you get rid of things you do not see like pollen, dust mites, and airborne pollutants? Unfortunately, if you only use your vacuum, chances are your carpets become a breeding ground for bacteria and molds to grow, which eventually cause diseases.

Myth # 4 Carpet cleaning can shrink my carpet

There’s an even greater chance of shrinkage if you leave it completely wet. Carpet cleaners have special tools, cleaning solutions and machines that ensure your carpets are well cared for.

Myth # 5 Hiring carpet cleaning professionals are expensive

Not if you know the right company to call. It’s time to trust your local cleaning professionals to do what they do best. Sometimes, it costs more money to ruin your carpet using DIY solutions rather than have it professionally cleaned. You can ask your friends and family for recommendations and you could check out their prices as well. It’s that easy.

It’s time to trust your local carpet cleaning professionals to keep your carpets good as new. Call MBHS Carpet Cleaning Service for prices and services we offer.


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