Myrtle Beach carpet cleaningCleaning water-soaked carpets and floors is challenging under any conditions, but in the aftermath of a hurricane or after being inundated by water, contamination by mud, silt, sewage and mildew can compound the issue. It is best to get expert carpet cleaners to work on carpets and floors, however, this might not be possible. In any case, begin clean-up as quickly as possible.


  • If possible, bring up saturated carpets and carpets, and drape them over a line outdoors.
  • Using a hose, spray down muddied carpets. Work using a low-sudsing, disinfectant carpet cleaning item deep into stained areas with a broom.
  • If only small areas of carpet get damp from water leaks, take out and prop the damp carpet to dry. Cut away any damp backing on the carpet.
  • To discourage mildew and odors, rinse the backing with a solution of 2 tablespoons of bleach to 1 gallon of water. Do not utilize this suggestion on wool carpets. Also clean the subfloor or slab under the carpet.
  • Discard and change foam pads.


  • Areas of subfloors that separate need to be replaced to prevent buckling. When flooring is removed, allow subfloors to dry thoroughly, although it might take several months. Disinfect all damp surface areas with a solution of 1 cup chlorine bleach in 1 gallon water.
  • In wood floors, get rid of a board every few feet to decrease buckling brought on by swelling. Ask a carpenter for ideas on eliminating tongue-and-groove boards.
  • Tidy and dry floor completely before trying repair works.
  • In vinyl floors with wood subflooring, the flooring covering ought to be removed so the subflooring can be replaced. With concrete flooring, elimination isn’t essential other than to quicken the drying of the slab.
  • Loose tiles may be replaced if the flooring has actually not been soaked. If water has permeated under sheet floor covering, remove the entire sheet.
  • While cleaning, wash exposed skin often in cleansed water. Use rubber gloves for additional protection versus contamination.

Keep Carpet From Molding

One important thing to keep in mind when it comes to carpet cleaning Myrtle Beach is that wet carpet can be a breeding place for mold, particularly if the air is humid and the water stays in the area longer than two days. It is necessary to act rapidly in eliminating moisture from the carpet fibers. Smaller sized areas drenched by a dropped cup of water can be dried easily with an absorbent towel, however huge or entire areas of a room need numerous drying techniques. Get rid of as much water as possible on the first day of the incident will minimize the chances that mold spores will grow.

Soak up excess water with towels. Open the towels totally, and lay them around the damp areas of the carpets. Press down with your hands or feet to absorb the water. As the towels are filled with water replace them with clean towels. Keep a container near you to accumulate the towels and to wring the water of the used towels.

Ensure your hands are dry before you plug in the wet-dry vacuum. Set it to “Dry,” and move it around the wet carpeting. Move the vacuum over the wet carpeting numerous times in slow, straight lines. Empty the vacuum’s container frequently.

Open windows throughout the room and in the space with the wet carpeting to supply a cross breeze. You may need to run the air conditioning unit if the air outside is humid to reduce the level of humidity.

Utilize fans and position them in the on dry areas of the floors entrance of the space or in the doorway in the direction of the wet carpet. If you own a dehumidifier use it to suck in the moisture from the room. Empty the dehumidifier’s water-collection container as needed.

Sprinkle baking soda generously over the carpets and allow it to sit for thirty to forty-five minutes to absorb any staying liquid and odors. Vacuum the carpeting to eliminate the sodium bicarbonate.

Keep the dehumidifier and fans running overnight. Check the next day for any signs of moisture. You can check for wetness by pressing paper towels against the carpeting. Return the furniture to the space when you have identified that the carpeting is completely dry.

The best solution is to call MBHS Carpet Cleaning to clean up damp carpets and prevent mold from happening.

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