Carpet Cleaning Myrtle BeachCarpet is the floor covering of choice for many homeowners, and understandably so.  It’s beautiful, it’s soft, and it feels good when the weather gets cooler.  But, carpet is also the floor covering most difficult to keep clean.  In fact, if not maintained properly, carpet can get downright filthy, and who wants to live with that?

First of all, you should have your carpets deep-cleaned by a professional as often as every 6 months, and certainly no less than every 12 months.  In between those cleanings, here are some tips from Myrtle Beach Home Services service provider MBHS Carpet Cleaning professionals to help you maintain a healthy and clean carpet floor covering.

Train yourself to take off your shoes when entering your home.  Have a rack, a bin, or a small rug for storing your shoes.  You simply wouldn’t believe the difference in your carpets when you aren’t tracking in “stuff” from outdoors.  Keep some comfortable slippers nearby, or go barefoot when the weather permits.  Your feet will love you for it, and so will your carpeting.

Get a good vacuum and USE IT!  I know busy homeowners don’t want to hear this, but vacuuming twice a week in heavily trafficked areas is recommended.  It’s one of the best things you can do to preserve the life of your carpeting.

Speaking of vacuum cleaners…here are tips for vacuum maintenance:

  • Make sure to change out the bag BEFORE it becomes full.
  • Do a regular cleaning of the parts you can get to – removing fibers and strings and any other “stuff” you find trapped in the brushes or parts.
  • If your vacuum has a filter in addition to the bag, keep it changed frequently.
  • Check the hose once in a while to ensure nothing is obstructing the airflow. Check the suction to be sure it’s working at maximum efficiency.

Have cleaning supplies on hand for emergencies.  When there’s an unexpected spill or stain, first blot the area with lots of water.  Blot really well, but don’t rub, as this will push the stain down into the fibers and backing of the carpet.  Now, use a recommended carpet cleaner or spot/stain remover.  Follow the directions carefully.  Most cleaners will ask you to let the solution sit for a few minutes.  Use a scraper of some sort to lift away as much of the cleaner as possible, use a soft-bristled brush to finish the job and to brush the carpet fibers back to their original shape to blend with the rest of the carpet.

Pet stains – This type of stain may require a special cleaner with neutralizing enzymes.  Ask your carpet cleaning professional for their best recommendation for a product to take care of pet stains and odors.

Keep blinds and drapes closed during the day.  This is especially important in areas of extreme and bright sunlight.  Keeping your carpet from direct sunlight will greatly improve the life of your carpet.  UV damage from the sun will definitely cause your carpeting to age prematurely.

Brush your dog or cat regularly.  Pet hair and dander will definitely add to the dirt conspiracy going on against your beautiful carpet.  You sure can’t keep the puppy and the kitty from shedding, but you can brush them regularly (outside!) to help keep the amount of hair to a minimum that could become embedded deep into your carpet.

So, there you have it – practical ways to help you care for your carpet in between professional cleanings.

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