Myrtle Beach Carpet CleaningMore and more homeowners are choosing to use green carpet cleaning methods as opposed to traditional methods which often depend on chemical cleaners. The chemicals found in many of the carpet cleaning solutions available in the market today are harmful not only to the environment but also to the family’s health.

Every time you use a chemical based cleaner, toxins are released primarily into the air and water, where the toxins can easily find their way back to you and your family. And when they enter your body that is when they start causing problems to your health. The negative effects of these toxins on your body and the environment greatly depend on the specific type of toxins and chemicals present in the cleaner that you are using. This is why it is extremely important that you check and read the labels of each cleaning product that you are using or are considering buying. The ingredients of a certain cleaning product will tell you a lot about the chemicals and toxins it contains.

What do carpet cleaners contain?

To be able to effectively clean and remove stains from your carpets, most carpet cleaning products that are available in the market today contain the same chemicals that are present in products used by dry cleaners. These include pesticides, acids, sodium hydroxide, formaldehyde, and disinfectant.

As you can see, many of these chemicals pose a threat to one’s health. More specifically, these chemicals give off strong odors when the cleaner is used or applied to the carpet. The odor often contains toxins which when inhaled could trigger allergic reactions and other respiratory conditions. When accidentally ingested, these chemicals and toxins can cause endocrine problems and hormonal imbalance.

Use only green carpet cleaning solutions

Another reason why you need to start using alternative cleaning methods for your carpets is that carpets are already toxic. Adding more toxins to it, which likely happens when you use chemical-based cleaning solutions, only adds to the risks that it brings to you and your family’s health.

Most carpets use synthetic fibers which are treated with toxic chemicals to become more durable and less susceptible to wear and tear. These toxins remain with the carpet fibers even after it has been installed in your home. Thus, when babies, small kids, and pets play on your carpet without adult supervision, you put them at a high risk of inhaling the toxins in the carpet fibers.

You will be surprised at the number of toxins and chemicals already present in your carpets. These include formaldehyde, acetone, styrene, benzene, toluene, acetone and many others. Although these chemicals make your carpets more durable, attractive and resistant to stains and daily wear and tear, these chemicals are also carcinogenic. They can cause harmful side effects to you and your family when you accidentally inhaled or ingested them. Plus, when they combine with the toxins and chemicals in the cleaning products that you use, they become even more dangerous.

Using green carpet cleaning products, on the other hand, will help diffuse the effects of the toxins already present in your carpet. They prevent these toxins from being released into the air, where you and the rest of your family can easily inhale them.

Alternatives to using chemical based carpet cleaners

  • Aside from using green and organic carpet cleaners, there are other things you can do to prevent your carpets from harming you and your family.
  • Buy organic carpets that are made from natural raw materials such as those carpets made from 100% natural wool fibers.
  • Use proper backing such as natural rubber before installing your carpet on your flooring. Consult with MBHS Carpet Cleaning to find out the most suitable and safest products you can use when installing your carpet.
  • Opt to use natural cleaners that you already have in your homes such as baking soda and vinegar.
  • Hire a professional carpet cleaner that uses only green products and solutions.

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