Tile And Grout Myrtle BeachThere is a reason why tile and grout flooring is highly recommended in the kitchen and bathroom – areas of the house where spills, mud and other food stains are common. Cleaning this type of flooring is simple and easy. Should there be a spill, all you need to do is mop it clean. You do not have to frantically get a clean towel to soak the spill and keep it from seeping through your flooring as is a common scenario with carpet.

If there is one thing that most homeowners dislike with regards to cleaning this type of flooring, it is probably cleaning the grout lines. These can get dirty and moldy over time especially if not applied properly and not taken care of appropriately. According to many specialists, this may be due to the porous composition of grout, allowing them to easily absorb dirt and grime that it comes into contact with. As a result, dirt and grime could quickly accumulate in between your tiles. When this happens, simple mopping and vacuuming will not be enough to remove all the debris and clean your flooring.

To help you efficiently clean your tile and grout flooring, below are some tips from the experts.

1. Use a grout brush and appropriate cleaning products. The primary tools you need for this task are grout brush and appropriate cleaning products. Make sure the cleaning solutions you buy are made for use for grouts and tiles. Otherwise, you risk damaging and discoloring your flooring. Scrub appropriate cleaning solution on your grout lines using the grout brush. Put a little elbow grease into it to effectively remove the accumulated dirt and grime.

2. To prevent a fresh spill from staining your grout lines, remove the spill with a clean towel or paper towel. Spray warm water on the spill area and scrub away the stain using a stiff-bristled brush. Remember to brush in a circular motion so as not to crack or chip the grout.

3. When the stain and dirt have embedded on your tile and grout flooring, you will need a mixture of water and vinegar (in equal proportions) to remove the grime. Spray the solution on the area. Wait for at least 5-10 minutes before gently rubbing with a stiff brush. Repeat the process until all the embedded dirt and stain have been removed. Wipe clean with dry towel.

4. For stains and grime that are more difficult to remove, use baking soda. Mix it with water until you create a paste. Apply the paste on the stained area on your tile and grout flooring then spray on the baking soda paste with the vinegar and water solution. Wait for the foaming to stop before scrubbing with your brush. Use plain water to rinse the area.

5. You can also use commercial grout cleaners available in many local grocery stores to help you remove sticky grime and stains. Be sure to read and follow carefully the manufacturer’s directions for proper use that is included in the package.

6. Apply a silicone-based sealer on your flooring every time after you clean it to prevent stains and grime from sticking and sinking down into your grout lines. These are available in the cleaning supplies section of your local grocery store. If unsure which product to use, seek professional advice from your floor cleaning service provider.

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