Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service

Although upholstery cleaning Myrtle Beach you can clean your furniture on your own, there are times when you need to hire a professional upholstery cleaning service. Even if you have the right tools and equipment, there are stubborn stains that only professionals can remove. Plus, professional upholstery cleaners always leave your furniture in a like-new condition.

If you are considering working with a professional upholstery cleaning service, here are some considerations that you need to make.

1. Assess the damage on your furniture – Before you call in a professional, it helps if you spend time to inspect the furniture and assess the damage. If the stain is small and seems easy to remove, opt for cleaning it on your own. This particularly applies to homeowners who have the experience and necessary tools and cleaning supplies for furniture cleaning.

On the other hand, if the stain is big and seems difficult to remove such as pet stains or if the furniture needs deep cleaning, you will have to call in the experts. Moreover, if you are not too sure about your cleaning skills, it is better to leave it to the professional to be sure that it will be done properly and to avoid causing further damage to your furniture.

2. Go over the warranty of your furniture – Similarly with appliances and gadgets, the warranty of your furniture may be void if you do something on the furniture such as clean it. Make sure that your furniture is no longer under its warranty before you attempt any cleaning. If it is still under warranty, you need to have a professional do the cleaning. You also need to inform the professional cleaners about the warranty so they will be more careful in cleaning the furniture. Plus, some upholstery cleaning professionals implement a different prep work for furniture that is still under warranty.

3. Review feedback – Whenever hiring professional service providers, it is important that you check their online reputation and review their feedbacks. A quick online search on their name will provide you with everything you need to know about them. Look more specifically for any negative issues associated with them.

When browsing through their website, look for any certifications and associations that they may have. Check to confirm with the association that their certification is legit and up to date.

4. Inquire about the equipment that they use in cleaning – Although you are only hiring them to clean your furniture, it helps if you choose a service provider that uses a truck-mounted steam cleaner. They will not use this to clean your furniture, but this is what they use for carpet cleaning. If they have this equipment, you can be sure that they are legit and well experienced. Plus, if you need to have your carpet cleaned, you no longer have to look for another service provider. You can simply just hire them again.

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