Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

hardwood floor cleaningHow do you keep that new hardwood floor clean and glossy, now that your have installed it in your house or office? If its and engineered laminate flooring, or real hardwood, snap together installation, the techniques are the very same. Keep in mind, large quantities of water can cause more damage than any other item you might use to keep your floors tidy. The installation is a life time investment, so treat it as such.

Make certain to utilize runners and mats in high traffic areas. This will avoid scratches and ground in dirt from harming your surface areas. Make sure to sweep and mop the locations around these runners and mats too. Just use minimally moist mops and rags on your entire floor. You can use your vacuum on the floor too. Make certain it has plastic wheels that are clean before you roll it onto your brand-new flooring. It’s a wonderful way to remove ALL the dirt and dust up from a floor prior to a moist mopped.

Do not use oil based cleaners on your new flooring. They will just capture dirt and cause an oily spots to appear on your flooring. Bear in mind that many hardwood floors are completed at the factory with polyurethane or some kind of urethane. Lots of hardwood floor suppliers can suggest what kinds of cleaners to use for your particular brand name of flooring. Try to utilize a manufacturer suggested cleaner if possible.

And, last, however not least, of all the cleaners that are specifically available for your floor, an excellent old standby, that works whenever, and is extremely cost reliable is, a capful of vinegar in a pail of cleaning water. It is non-toxic, and does not leave streaks when dry and does an excellent task of cleansing as well.

There will come a time when you need to have your floors professionally cleaned. Give us a call at 843-353-0481 and ask for our professional hardwood floor cleaners.