carpet cleaningIf you’ve had a hard time cleaning your carpets before, you know how hard it is to find the right method for cleaning. Heavily soiled and stained carpets are a pain to clean if you don’t know the proper method. For homeowners who want to skip the manual carpet cleaning process, cleaners are always one call away. But for the homeowners that want to perfect their carpet cleaning craft, there’s a number of methods that you could try. Check these out:

Carpet cleaning techniques to try out

Hot water extraction

if ever you’ve seen a professional carpet cleaner do their job before, you probably would have seen this method. Hot water extraction uses pressurized hot water and a strong vacuum cleaner. The carpet is sprayed with a mixture of hot water and cleaning agents at high pressures to release the dirt. After the application, the carpet is then agitated using a brush. It is then vacuumed and left to dry. This method makes use of special equipment but is readily available in the market if you know where to look.

Carpet shampooing

This method is similar to hot water extraction but without the pressurized hot water. A piece of special equipment is used to perform this method of cleaning. The shampooer will apply the carpet shampoo then suck it back up. This method takes a bit of practice to make perfect. The carpet must first be vacuumed to remove any loose dirt. The shampooer is then slowly run through the carpet, paying attention to the motor noise. The shampooer makes a specific noise when used. After running the shampooer on one section, you can immediately see the effects and if it needs another run through.

Dry carpet cleaning

Unlike wet-extraction system, dry carpet cleaning makes use of dry compounds. The process still involves moisture but in extremely low volumes. This method also requires a lot less labor-intensive than other cleaning techniques. Despite its effectiveness in terms of cleaning, this method has only recently gained popularity. A lot of companies that offer carpet cleaning services use this method.

In general, the most effective means of carpet cleaning in Myrtle Beach is to use commercial-grade equipment and techniques. Despite the number of DIY tips you can find on the internet, not all of them produce the same results or the kind of results they claim.

If you want to get rid of stains effectively and have your carpets cleaned to a point like they were brand new, you should consider hiring carpet cleaners. Expert carpet cleaners like MBHS Carpet Cleaning has been in the industry long enough to consider themselves experts in their trade. One good thing about hiring carpet cleaning experts are the assurance that you will have clean carpets after the cleaning session. It’s unlikely for experts to leave carpets still soiled. You will almost always be left with clean, brand-new looking carpets after getting those serviced by professionals.

For effortless and time-saving carpet cleaning, leave it to the professionals at MBHS Carpet Cleaning.

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