Hardwood Floor Cleaning Myrtle BeachSmart hardwood floor cleaning methods are essential to keep your flooring in good condition. Aside from saving money on expensive repairs and resurfacing, taking better care of your flooring will help extend its lifetime so you will not have to go through the process of changing your flooring anytime soon. Keep in mind that this process is not only costly but is also time consuming.

To help you efficiently maintain your hardwood floors, here are some helpful tips and tricks.

Practice preventive maintenance

This will not only help you take better care of your hardwood flooring by preventing dents and scratches. This will also help you reduce your hardwood floor cleaning time and effort. You can start with preventive maintenance by simply placing floor mats in your outside and inside exterior doors. Encourage everyone in the family to use the mats before entering the house so that the dirt from their shoes remains on the mat. As a result, there will be reduced dirt inside the house which not only adds to the mess but may also scratch your hardwood flooring when stepped on and tracked throughout the entire house.

You should also consider a boot or shoe removal area or a mud room so that members of the households and guests will have a place to remove their shoes before entering the house. Investing in floor protectors and placing rugs on your play areas is also smart ways of preventing damage and scratches on your hardwood floors.

Stick to basic and regular cleaning and care

The main enemies of hardwood floors are dust, dirt and pet hair. These can all easily scratch and cause damage to your flooring when not removed immediately. Your basic cleaning routine for your hardwood flooring should primarily include regular dusting and vacuuming. There are dusting agents that you can use to treat your mop with so that it will easily pick up dust, dirt, pet hair and other debris that could damage your hardwood flooring. For the best and most effective dusting agents, seek recommendations from MBHS Carpet Cleaning.

Vacuuming is most effectively done on a bi-weekly or weekly schedule. What you should remember when using your vacuum on your hardwood flooring is to avoid attachments that can scratch or damage your flooring. Stick to using a soft floor-brush attachment or an electric broom instead.

Don’t forget the occasional deep cleaning

Keep in mind that even if you do regular weekly hardwood floor cleaning, dirt, grime and oil can still accumulate in the gaps and spaces between your flooring. This is why it is highly recommended that you do occasional deep cleaning. For this, you basically need a wood-cleaning product that is safe and appropriate for your specific type of hardwood flooring. Be sure that the product is also safe for the environment and to your health.

Prepare the product according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Note that some cleaning products need to be diluted before use. Use a mop, sponge or rage to apply the cleaning solution to your hardwood flooring. Make sure that the mop or rag is only slightly damp and not dripping wet before applying to your flooring. Rinse with clean mop or rag dampened with clean water, if necessary. Immediately wipe away excess water to prevent it from saturating and seeping through your flooring. Switch on your ceiling fan or air conditioning to help dry the flooring more quickly.

Hardwood floor cleaning can sometimes be time consuming. If you do not have the time, hire MBHS Carpet Cleaning to clean your hardwood flooring. Call them now to inquire about their services.

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