Hardwood Floor Cleaning Myrtle BeachMany homeowners are still having difficulties with hardwood floor cleaning, primarily because of the various types of wood and the wide range of finishes that require different types of maintenance and cleaning strategy. On the other hand, cleaning your hardwood flooring should not be difficult and confusing. All you need are the right tools and guidelines and you will not have to fear cleaning your hardwood floors.

Here are some tips from industry professionals to help you with your hardwood floor cleaning.

• Get professional advice – Your best source of the right guidelines in cleaning your hardwood floors are from the professionals with whom you bought the flooring and who helped you with the installation. When you buy your hardwood floors, ask a professional about the maintenance and cleaning requirements of the type of wood and finish that you have chosen. You can also ask the persons whom you have hired to help you install the flooring.

MBHS Carpet Cleaning will provide you with all the information and guidelines that you need to help you effectively clean and maintain your hardwood floors. Their professionals will assist you in cleaning should you find no time to do it on your own. If you do want to clean your hardwood floors personally, you can also ask them for the best strategies and recommendations on the most appropriate cleaning products and tools to use.

If your floor was installed several years ago and you can no longer find the person or the company that installed the hardwood flooring, you can seek cleaning advice and maintenance recommendations from hardwood floor restoration professionals.

• Cleaning engineered and laminate hardwood flooring
According to hardwood floor cleaning experts, the easiest type of hardwood to clean are engineered and laminate wood. These are specifically manufactured to have the appearance and even the surface of genuine hardwood. But they are much easier to clean and maintain because they do not have the complications that come with natural hardwood.

If you have this type of hardwood flooring, all you have to do to keep them clean and in good condition is to sweep, dust mop and vacuum them several times in a week. You can opt to use a damp mop if you wish but be sure to use minimal amount of water. You should also avoid waxing and sanding engineered and laminate hardwood flooring so as not to damage the finish. And as with other types of flooring, it is always important to clean and wipe up spills as soon as they happen to prevent the liquid from seeping through the flooring and causing more severe problems.

• Natural hardwood floor cleaning
Cleaning and maintaining natural hardwood requires a bit more work than engineered and laminate hardwood. The primary detail that you have to keep in mind is that natural hardwood is highly vulnerable to liquid. Thus, you should avoid using wet or damp mop when cleaning them. It is also important not to let liquid spills sit for a long time on your hardwood floor because aside from staining your flooring, these can also cause more severe problems.

Sweeping, vacuuming and dust mopping your hardwood flooring regularly will help keep it free of dust, which can track and scratch your flooring when left to accumulate. If you have the time, buffing your flooring will also help make it shine. If your hardwood flooring has been accidentally stained, you can opt to sand and re-wax the area to effectively remove traces of the stain.

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