Carpet Cleaning Myrtle Beach South CarolinaThere are different ways for effective area rug cleaning and these generally depend on the size, construction, and material of your area rug. You must first determine what specific type of area or throw rug you are using to be able to identify the most suitable and effective cleaning process. On the other hand, there are also some basic area rug cleaning routines for all types of rugs that you could do to properly take care of your area rugs.

Guide to Area Rug Cleaning

Below is a list of some of the common steps that you will need to do on a regular basis to ensure your area rug remains clean and well taken care of.

Vacuum regularly

Bear in mind that grit and grime can accumulate on your rugs especially if they are being walked on regularly. This is also true if you or a member of the household eats in areas where you have placed your rugs. If you do not regularly clean your rug, grit and grime may accumulate; thereby, resulting in premature wearing of your rug, which can cause severe and costly damage.

To prevent this from happening, it is important that you include regular vacuuming of your rugs in your cleaning routine. This is most especially true for commonly used larger rugs. Regular vacuuming will effectively remove grit and grime as well as any debris, dirt, and dust that has fallen on your rugs. However, if you have rugs with fringed edges, be careful when vacuuming as you may accidentally damage the fringes.

Brush off pet hair

This particularly applies to households with long-haired pets. Vacuuming is often not sufficient to remove pet hair. Keep in mind that when you vacuum, pet hair is sometimes left behind. Do not rely solely on your vacuum cleaner to completely remove all pet hair from your rug.

Sometimes, pet hair crams into the fibers of your rug. If you use your vacuum to pull them out and remove them, you could be pulling out some of your rug’s fibers as well; thus, damaging your rug in the process. To effectively and completely remove them, experts suggest using a stiff brush and brushing your rug in the direction of its nap. Once pet hair is removed from the rug, you can either sweep it to your trash can or vacuum it.

Rotate and turn your rugs at least once a year

Often, there are only specific areas of your rug that are being walked on regularly. There are also those certain areas that are directly exposed to sunlight coming in from your windows. Rare are the instances when the full area of the rug is walked on or exposed to sunlight.

Remember that these factors contribute greatly to your rug’s wear and tear. Thus, it would help if you rotate and turn your rugs at least once a year to ensure all the areas have been exposed to these inevitable damaging factors.

Shake off small rugs – If your area rug is relatively small that you can easily pick it up, consider shaking it off outside for an energy efficient area rug cleaning. You can also consider hanging it outside and beating on it repeatedly to remove dirt, grime, grit, and dust.

Note, however, that there are certain codes and ordinances regarding shaking your rugs outdoors. Be sure to check your local codes and homeowner association policies first before doing this to avoid any disputes.

Area rug cleaning for special types of rugs

As mentioned earlier, there are certain cleaning processes for specific types of area rugs aside from the general cleaning routines discussed above. If you have a special type of rug, here are some basic guidelines that you can follow for proper and effective cleaning.

Woven or braided rugs

For woven or braided rugs, you will basically have to check the label as the manufacturers usually include specific cleaning and caring instructions for the rug. These types of rugs could be washed using your washing machine or manually using a sponge. Before cleaning, however, you will need to check for stitching breaks. Do this as well after the cleaning process. Should you notice stitching breaks, call your manufacturer immediately for assistance.

If the rug is washable, which is often the case for small woven or braided rugs, put them inside a zippered pillowcase or a mesh laundry bag to protect them from possible damages while being washed. Keep in mind to use cool water and cycle under the lowest or the gentlest setting. Rinse and dry thoroughly before replacing on your floor.

If your area rug is too big to fit in the washer, you will have to lay it out on a vinyl or concrete floor. Make sure there is an old blanket underneath the rug to protect it from being damaged by bumps or cracks on the floor. Use a sponge to gently tub carpet cleaning foam on your rug’s surface. Remember to follow specific cleaning instructions for the area rug is indicated on its label. Rinse and dry thoroughly before you replace it back. Vacuum if necessary.

Handmade, antique and oriental rugs

Probably, the best way to clean and take care of your handmade, antique and oriental rugs is to ask for care and cleaning tips from the seller. Because these types of rugs require delicate care, learning everything about them – including fiber content and construction – will greatly help you in taking care of them.

When vacuuming these types of rugs, experts highly recommend placing a piece of nylon screen over the rug before running it with the vacuum. Use bricks and books to weigh down and keep the nylon screen in place as you vacuum the area rug. Alternatively, you can also consider covering the vacuum attachment with a nylon mesh. You will have to change the mesh often especially when dirt accumulates on the mesh. Do this before the accumulated dirt completely covers the nylon mesh to prevent damaging your vacuum cleaner. It is also important to have these types of area rugs professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Be sure to always work with professional area rug cleaning service providers especially for your oriental and antique rugs. MBHS Carpet Cleaning professionals have the necessary training, skills, and tools to effectively clean and take care of your area rugs.


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