Carpet Cleaning Myrtle BeachHere’s an interesting fact for you when it comes to your carpet: there are nearly 300,000 bacteria per square inch of carpet! That is more than 5000 times more than your average home toilet seat. Kinda makes you want to never kick your shoes and socks off, doesn’t it?! This little impressive collection of bacteria is a feast of chemicals, pollen, food, and many other things. It gets in your carpet from all the living you do. This includes your pets, your shoes and even the skin we all shed every day, not to mention your clothing. The only way to ensure that your carpet is not only clean but sanitized is to have it professionally cleaned on a regular basis. The problem with anything less is that while it may look clean, you still do not know how much harmful bacteria are living in the fibers.

Rental Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Carpet cleaning machines that can be rented, unfortunately, don’t have the power needed to really do the job right. In order to kill bacteria and other germs, very hot water is needed and the only way to do that is through professional carpet cleaning. They will have machines that reach high enough temperatures to sanitize the carpet properly. They will also know just how much pressure to use and the level of suction appropriate for your type of carpet.

Qualified Carpet Cleaners

All carpet cleaning companies are not the same. You should see to it that they are certified properly and that their cleaners are qualified in the areas they perform. A perfect deep cleaning job requires it. You should plan on annual steam cleaning or even more often if you have heavy traffic from family and pets.

Tips and Techniques for Carpet Cleaning

Following are just a few ideas to help you decrease the bacteria that build up in your carpet between professional cleanings.

  • Vacuum frequently. If you have pets or children, you may want to even do this daily.
  • Use a different pair of shoes inside that are ONLY worn indoors. This keeps dirt outside.
  • Use only machine washable throw rugs indoors where people do the most walking.

It needs very high temperatures to kill bacteria, but if you follow the tips listed here, you can significantly reduce the frequency of professional carpet cleaning. All the grime that builds up comes largely from shoes that track dirt in from the outdoors and then spreads the dirt all around. Having a pair of shoes or slippers just for household use can help tremendously.

Keeping your carpets steam cleaned will go a long way in preventing germs and illness, as well as give you the peace of mind knowing that your family is safe from bacteria, mold, and other harmful problems that come from nasty carpet!

There are so many carpet cleaning choices nowadays, so please call us today to schedule a carpet cleaning.

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