Water damages can be found in several ranges, from spilling a single bucket to a full cellar flooding. Just how you clean up your water damaged carpet will certainly rely on the quality of the water if it is clean water, rain, or if it’s a drain back-up. Water damages rugs from flooding or leakages in a residence are not unusual. If you have lived in your residence for numerous years, you may have experienced it. When it occurs, you’ll have to understand when to clean up and revive the damaged rug, how you can recover it and when to change it. So here is a guide to help you salvage water damaged carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Guide: Water Damage

 Check The Water Source

The first carpet cleaning guide you to need to remember it to find out the water source. Inspect behind the wall surfaces as water could be entrapped in the insulation or behind the vent. Then get rid of all furnishings from the area, raise the sides of the carpeting, eliminate the carpet padding and dispose of. Remove as much water as you can and do it quickly. Leaving it for a longer period will attract growth of mildew and molds.

Assess The Damage

When you start to assess the damage, find out you need a carpet cleaning professional. After you have drawn out as much of the water, treat the rug with an anti-bacterial solution. Ultimately prop up the carpeting to allow air flow to get under the rug and place fans or blow dryer throughout the space to accelerate the drying out procedure.

Treating The Water Damaged Carpet

Unhygienic water has a lot more health concerns and issues. This is why you have to take some safety measures such as utilizing rubber gloves and rubber boots is a must. Treat the water damaged carpet with a bleaching solution. But be careful on using bleach in colored carpets.

In case, your water damage is worse, contacting an expert carpet cleaner to manage this kind of issue is a better option. The damages might not be limited to simply the carpets it might reach the drywall, insulation and also timber studs. These kinds of water damage if not managed appropriately, might present a severe health and wellness risk.

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