If you have rugs in your house, you are aware of the difficulties that come with keeping it clean. Unlike with hardwood floor covering, eliminating carpet stains and discoloration could be challenging. It takes more than just muscle work to get the desired outcome. More often, stains take place so quickly particularly when dealing with children and pets. The best thing to do is to also act quickly as the stain happens.

If you take some time to think of it, dust particles and foreign materials can enter carpet fibers through different activities at home. When you come inside with your shoes on, you take with you outdoor particles, when you spill popcorn on a carpeted area or when pets shed their fur, that is when particles enter the carpet fibers.

But why do we need to pay attention to carpet cleaning?

The Advantages of Carpet Cleaning

Getting rid of stains, dust, and outdoor particles are essential if you want to keep your carpet looking good as new. Additionally, clean carpets can also help keep your indoor air clean.

Carpets that are kept clean could last a lot longer compared to those that are not. These are also meant to last longer and not thrown away when it gets dirty. Aside from having to use it longer, clean carpets can be welcoming and eye-catching.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Although you can not really say how long a carpet lasts, using proper cleaning and maintenance will absolutely help prolong its life. Right here are a couple of essential carpet cleaning tips for you.

  1. Regular vacuum

In high traffic locations like living spaces as well as corridors, day-to-day vacuuming is suggested. For carpets in low traffic locations like bed rooms, vacuuming every 2-3 days could be ideal. It is also advisable to ask family members and guests to leave shoes outside a carpeted area in your home.

  1. Immediate attention to carpet stains

The moment a stain happens, an immediate solution should be applied. The longer a tarnish stays, the harder it is to remove. You should remember that not all stains are the same, therefore they can not be cleaned similarly.

Common stains include liquids and food particles:

  • If the juice is spilled, the liquid has to be blotted up with white paper towels or terry fabric before treating the discoloration.
  • A thick substance like paint or oil could not be blotted up. Rather, get a spoon or a scrape to get rid of as much product as you can. When much of the liquid is gone, you can start treating the carpet discolor
  • Deal with the stain while it is still damp.
  • If you use carpet cleaning solution, try it on one part of the carpet to check for color bleeding.
  • Use a water bottle sprayer when using carpet cleaning solutions. It will prevent stain bleeding and will control the spread of stains in other areas.

Regular carpet cleaning and stain removal will surely help in keeping your carpets looking good.

When it comes to hard to remove stains and thorough cleaning, you can always count on the professionals at MBHS Carpet Cleaning in Myrtle Beach.

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