Carpet Cleaning Myrtle BeachEffective carpet cleaning is one of the most efficient ways to maintain and expand the lifespan of your carpets and rugs. It is important for homeowners to learn how to properly clean their carpets to prevent stains and dirt that can cause damage and quickly wear out your carpets. Keep in mind that dirty and damaged carpets are often expensive to repair.

To help you keep your carpets looking fresh and new, here are some tips from the experts.

• Learn how to use your vacuum properly – One of the most common carpet cleaning tasks that every homeowner does is to vacuum their carpets. Unfortunately, not all homeowners know how to properly use their vacuums. According to experts, vacuums should be set at the right height in order to effectively pick up dirt and prevent damaging the carpet.

Vacuums that are set too low can cause damage to your carpet fibers while vacuums that are set too high do not effectively pick up dirt and dust from your carpets. To set your vacuum at an ideal height, experts suggest starting at the highest setting and gradually lowering it down while running it through your carpet. You will know it is at the right height when you feel a slight tugging of the vacuum.

• Use a vacuum that has empty bag or filter – Aside from putting too much strain on your vacuum cleaner, a dirty bag or filter can also damage your carpet fibers. Did you know that the dirt from the vacuum cleaner bag can mix with the dirt in your carpet as you run your vacuum; thereby, grinding further through the carpet fibers and making your carpet appear duller?

This is why it is important that you always start with an empty bag or clean filter. If you use a bagless vacuum, you should change the filters as often as necessary especially if you use your vacuum frequently. Some filters can be reused while others are disposable. Regardless, you should have extra filters at home so you will not have to run to the nearest store to buy filters before you can use your vacuum.

• Hire professional carpet cleaning company – This is especially beneficial for those homeowners who do not have sufficient time to clean their carpets. There are lots of cleaning companies in Myrtle Beach, including MBHS Carpet Cleaning that you can consider to help you clean and maintain your carpets.

Hire a company that has truck-mounted cleaning equipment. This means that the company provides high quality professional services. You can be sure that their process is highly effective and that they will be able to clean your carpets more quickly. Plus, their truck-mounted equipment will not leave your carpets with damages; instead, it will leave your carpets looking fresh and brand new.

• Always have the carpet cleaner come to your home for an estimate – Carpet cleaners who come to your home will be able to better estimate the cost of cleaning your carpet because they will see the exact size and current condition of your carpet. Plus, they can also conduct an inspection of your carpet to determine what else needs to be done to effectively clean your carpet aside from the basic cleaning techniques and processes. Discussing these things over the phone is not a good idea since there is a risk that you may get short changed for the services that you pay for.

• Clean stains right away – If something spilled on your carpet, it is important that you clean it right away. Do not let the stain or liquid sit too long on your carpet, the longer the stains sit on your carpet, the deeper they will seep through the carpet fibers and the more difficult it will be for you to completely remove them. Use a rag or napkin to blot away liquid spills from your carpet. Repeat the process until all the excess liquid has been removed. If thicker liquid or solids have spilled on your carpet, you can use a spoon or dull knife to scrape most of the spill from your carpet.

Effective carpet cleaning is an important aspect of maintaining your carpets. Make sure you only work with trained and experienced professionals to keep your carpets clean and fresh. Contact MBHS Carpet Cleaning now and inquire about their services.

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