carpet cleaning Myrtle BeachA carpet is an interwoven textile made of cotton, hemp, straw, wool or synthetic material that covers the floor. It is a home commodity and dictates the personality of the owner. Carpets are laid on the floor and makes the house beautiful. Maintaining a carpet is quite important, but requires extensive knowledge and time.

Our homes have been closed up all winter, and as a result, dust, dirt, and other airborne particles and allergens have been circulating in the breathing air and settling in the carpets, rugs, and furniture. These particles not only lead to mold and bacteria growth on these surfaces, but they can also cause adverse health effects if they are breathed in. The spring season is an ideal time to have carpets, rugs, furniture and upholstery professionally cleaned to rid your house of this debris as you open it up to the warmer weather.

Vacuuming is helpful in removing large debris from carpets, yet they are largely ineffective in removing particles embedded deep in the fibers. Carpet cleaning, MBHS professional carpet cleaning services use the highly recommended and industry standard method of hot water extraction. This method consists of applying pressurized water that is heated to over 220 degrees Fahrenheit and mixed with a cleaning solution into the carpet fibers and extracting it back out with a high powered vacuum. The hot water solution dislodges debris, which is lifted out with the extraction, and the high temperature also leaves the carpet sanitized. This method is effective and safe for carpets, people, and pets as no harsh chemicals are used and the drying time is much faster than with alternative methods.

Carpet cleaning Myrtle Beach professional carpet cleaners also provide services for area rugs. Area rugs must be treated with more care than most carpets, and these service providers use safe methods to effectively clean area rugs without causing damage. Area rugs that pick up heavy sediment are generally treated with a machine designed to shake the sediment out of the fibers before it can be cleaned and sanitized with hot water extraction. The drying process is the most crucial step, as improper drying could cause damage to the rug. The best drying technique is hanging the rug so that both sides can dry evenly. Area rug pickup and drop-off services are available from some carpet cleaners.

In addition to carpets and area rugs, furniture and upholstery can also attract dust and debris. However, debris embedded into furniture is more of an immediate health risk because people routinely come into direct contact with their furniture. The direct contact from our bodies can also cause the debris to be abrasive to the surface, which will wear down the material faster. The hot water extraction method safely and effectively cleans furniture and upholstery surfaces both natural and synthetic. Having your furniture professionally cleaned will not only promote cleanliness but also increase its longevity.

As you begin to open up your house in the spring, give it a thorough cleaning with professional carpet, area rug, furniture and upholstery cleaning services. Carpet cleaning Myrtle Beach professional cleaning services are efficient and delivered within 24 hours of a quotation. The staff is well trained to efficiently use the right equipment to provide quality services. Contact a reliable carpet cleaner in your area to aid you in your spring-cleaning.

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