Carpet Cleaning Myrtle BeachCarpets have been used for floor covering almost since the beginning of time and so have ways to clean carpets. Newer ways of carpet cleaning have created a lot of myths with regards to carpet cleaning and have led some people to hesitate to hire carpet cleaning professionals. A carpet that is dirty id not just full of grime and dust, it is a breeding ground for disease and germs. The fact is that dirty carpets pollute the air within your home which can result in ailments such as allergies from which your family and pets can suffer. Keeping your carpets clean is imperative for a healthy family atmosphere.

Myths That Keep People From Carpet Cleaning

It is possible to vacuum your carpets too much

Some people think that if they see fluff balls from their carpet being sucked into the vacuum that they are actually losing a part of the carpet itself. Research has shown that vacuuming will not destroy your carpeting. In fact, you can vacuum a carpet as many as three to four times each week and not decrease the life of the carpet. Research has also shown that the average household only vacuums their carpet three to four times each month and if this is the case in your home, you need to increase the frequency that you vacuum your carpets for good air quality in your home.

Carpet Cleaning Done By Professionals Actually Shrinks The Carpet

There was a time when carpets where manufactured out of shrinkable materials such as silk and wool which were produced using a jute backing which had a tendency to shrink. In today’s world, the most of the carpets in our homes are composed of nylon and use a synthetic backing. It is common knowledge that synthetic materials do no shrink even when placed in hot water, therefore, it is highly unlikely that carpet cleaning will cause your carpet to shrink or lose color. If you have silk or wool carpet in your home, hiring a carpet cleaning professional is imperative since they will know what to do to keep your carpets looking new and not fade.

Our specific method of carpet cleaning uses a dry method that is based on many years of experience. One great benefit of this method is that in addition to not harming your carpet, it also does not produce mold or mildew. With the high heat and humidity we have experienced in the Myrtle Beach area, this is an extremely important benefit.

Cleaning A Carpet Will Cause The Carpet To Get Dirty Faster

Have you ever noticed that your carpet appears to become soiled faster after a professional carpet cleaning? Is this just our imagination or really true? Unfortunately, this perception is often due to the cleaning process that is used by some carpet cleaning companies. If your carpet is not cleaned properly in the first place and cleaning chemicals are left in the carpet, then of course it will attract more grime and dust and will become dirty faster. Using a dry chemical extraction method eliminates the possibility of carpets being walked on before the carpets are dry or chemicals being left in the carpets.

Dry Method Of Carpet Cleaning Does Not Clean As Well As Steam Cleaning

Myrtle Beach homeowners have been convinced by slick advertising that dry extraction doesn’t extract dirt like steam cleaning. The truth is that a both dry extraction and steam cleaning are both suitable processes when it comes to removing allergens, grime, hair, pet dander, dust mites and other contaminants from the carpet. Unlike the wet methods of carpet cleaning which leaves these contaminants in your carpet along with the water that is left behind, dry extraction or steam cleaning will eliminate the problem and leaving your whole home smelling great.

Having your carpets cleaned by professionals is imperative to extending the life of your carpets and the health of your family.

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