Carpet Cleaning Myrtle BeachThe two primary methods of carpet cleaning are hot water extraction and steam cleaning. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. And although many homeowners mix them up or think of these two methods as the same, you should know that they are entirely different cleaning processes.

Steam cleaning your carpet

Steam cleaning primarily uses steam to clean your carpet. The water is heated until it reaches a temperature where they will transform into steam. Because it uses steam, there is no longer a need for rinsing. While this makes the process faster, the carpet fibers are not flushed. As a result, soil residue and cleaning detergents could still possibly be in the carpet. This is probably why carpet cleaning experts recommend steam cleaning for synthetic carpets. The carpet fibers are synthetic and, thus, will not be damaged if not rinsed after the cleaning process.

Hot water extraction

This specific type of cleaning requires the use of hot water. There is a certain temperature that the water needs to achieve for it to clean the carpet. This temperature, on the other hand, should not be high enough that the water will turn into steam.

Hot water extraction is highly recommended by many carpet manufacturers and cleaning experts. Carpets with natural fibers should be cleaned with this cleaning process to ensure they will not shrink. Aside from properly cleaning your carpet, hot water extracting can also be used to permanently treat stain.

Hiring carpet cleaning professionals versus renting equipment

To clean your carpet using the steam cleaning process or hot water extraction, you can either hire professionals or rent the necessary equipment and do it on your own. While it is indeed more cost effective for homeowners to clean their carpets on their own, experts strongly warn them against renting cleaning equipment.

Many of the steaming and extracting equipment available in the market for rent are of substandard quality. If you continued to use the equipment, you might end up with a soaked carpet. And because you lack sufficient ventilation, your carpet will not dry completely, thus resulting in mold growth.

Professional cleaners, on the other hand, often use hot water extraction to clean carpets. They usually implement a four-step cleaning process. They often start with inspecting the household and assessing the carpets. Once they know what specific type of carpet they are working with, they will apply the appropriate emulsifier or detergent. After that, they will use hot water to rinse the carpet. When the carpet is all clean and there are no traces of detergent left, they will dry the carpet by vacuuming. The entire process usually takes several hours and you can now use your clean carpet.

When working with a professional, it helps if you clarify what specific type of cleaning process they will use. You should know that hot water extraction is now being referred to by a lot of professionals as steam cleaning. Thus, if they say that they will be using steam cleaning, ask how they will do this so you will know the specific process that will be used.

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