Carpet Cleaning Myrtle BeachKeeping a carpet nice and clean can be a lot of work, especially if the carpet is in a high traffic area. A clean carpet will definitely make your home more attractive and welcoming to the visitors. Carpets tend to attract dirt, dust and other pollutants, which is why regular carpet cleaning is needed. Your carpet will last longer and its colors will stay vibrant if you clean it as often as possible. Cleaning will even preserve the fluffy feel of your carpet. There are various ways one can use for carpet protection as follows:

Carpet Cleaning Tips

1. Vacuum regularly.

Frequent vacuuming is the best way to keep your carpet clean. Vacuuming will make your carpet look a lot better and help you get rid of the dirt and dust that has not yet settled into the carpet. You will eventually need deep cleaning to get rid of everything trapped in the carpet but vacuuming ensures that only a small quantity of dirt settles in the carpet. Dirt accumulating in your carpet will cause wear and tear. Vacuuming regularly means your carpet will last a lot longer. Vacuuming your carpet three times a week would be ideal but you have to keep in mind that you cannot vacuum your carpet too often.

  1. Deep Cleaning to Get Rid of Trapped Dirt

Vacuuming your carpet is necessary but it will not get rid of all the dirt. You can deep clean your carpet on your own but it is best to have a team of professionals do it. Professional carpet cleaners have the equipment and the experience needed to clean your carpet properly. If you try deep cleaning your carpet and make one wrong move with the machine, you could damage the carpet for good. Hiring a team of professionals is definitely worth it, especially if you do not have experience with deep cleaning carpets.

  1. Choosing The Right Cleaning Method

If you hire some professional cleaners to take care of your carpet, make sure they can use a cleaning method adapted to your carpet. If you do not know which method would be best for your carpet, check any recommendations from the manufacturer or contact them. In most cases, hot water extraction is the best way to clean your carpet thoroughly. The carpet cleaning professionals will start by applying a detergent to the carpet before rinsing it with some hot water. The water is suctioned out of the carpet to absorb the dirt.

  1. How To Dry Your Carpet

Your carpet needs plenty of time to dry after being cleaned. Try scheduling the cleaning so it coincides with a day where there will not be a lot of traffic on your carpet. Give your carpet plenty of time to dry before people start walking on it again. You can speed up the drying process by turning some fans on or by keeping all your windows open. You should also place some blocks under your furniture so the furniture legs are not directly in contact with a damp carpet since this could cause stains to appear.

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