carpet cleaningThere are a lot of questions that revolve around carpet cleaning. People who have carpets in their house will normally have questions about the cleaning process for carpets. After all, carpets are delicate and will require precise cleaning methods to completely remove dirt. And given the nature of carpets, they will attract a lot of dirt. With that in mind, frequent cleaning is necessary. Still, there remains a number of questions when it comes to cleaning carpets. Here are some of those questions and their answers:

The commonly asked questions about Carpet cleaning

What’s more important, equipment or cleaning solutions?

While both are important, when it comes to professional carpet cleaning, equipment proves more important. Cleaning solutions come in a huge variety. Most homeowners can easily get their hands on the same type of cleaning solutions that are being used in carpet cleaning services. However, the same cannot be said for carpet cleaning equipment. While anyone can purchase a vacuum cleaner, not all can purchase vacuums of the same capacity as those used in commercial applications. Professional carpet cleaners make use of powerful vacuums, shampoo applicators, and agitators. All of which are specially designed for commercial use. Aside from that, commercial equipment used by carpet cleaning professionals is more expensive and not readily available in retail outlets.

Why is it better to hire professional carpet cleaning services in Myrtle Beach?

As previously explained, commercial equipment used by carpet cleaners is more powerful than the regular household equipment you can find in most homes. Aside from the equipment, carpet cleaning professionals also have thorough training on how to clean different types of carpets. Also, they have years of experience handling a huge selection of carpets. Like we all know, not all carpets are the same. Some have thick fibers while others don’t. It’s this diversity in terms of carpet design which makes professional carpet cleaning a better option.

Should I go for wet or dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning carpets is similar to dry cleaning clothes. It involves chemicals devoid of water, hence the term dry cleaning. However, is it any better than the traditional wet cleaning? Not entirely. Hot water extraction methods have been the staple among professional carpet cleaners. Hot stream is applied to the carpet and is then sucked by a powerful vacuum. This effectively takes out the dirt with minimal effort. Stubborn dirt and stains can effectively be removed through this process. Dry cleaning, on the other hand, does not offer the same quality of cleaning as opposed to hot water extraction.

How often should carpets be cleaned?

This is a bit of a huge question for a lot of homeowners. So, how often should carpets be cleaned? It all depends on the foot traffic a particular area is exposed to. If a certain area is repeatedly being walked on every day, it would require cleaning at least once every six months. If you are not too sure about how to clean your carpets or uncertain about how often they should be cleaned, you can always call the experts. Professionals such as MBHS Carpet Cleaning can offer suggestions on when cleaning should take place as well as cleaning services.

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